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My Time On Armstrong and Getty!

Yesterday I had the amazing opportunity to join The Armstrong and Getty Show’s foster care panel. It continues to shock me some of the stories that come from youth ageing out of the foster care system. I believe foster care is an important human service that our state provides, but there are gaps. It is […]


  I really love what I do. It’s interesting and challenging. Although, I often feel like I get too much credit for some of the outcomes in the lives of our students. It makes me just a little uncomfortable sometimes because most of what I do is talk in front of people. Sometimes one on […]

A Big Announcement!

  Ever since I was a kid I was interested in learning people’s stories. After escaping a situation of extreme domestic violence, me and my family moved into a shelter in South Carolina. It was a very serious and scary situation. The people who ran the shelter seemed nice, but as always it wreaked of […]

Telling My Story.

I am coming upon the completion of my fourth year working with StudentReach. In December 2012 I had been volunteering with the team only for a few weeks. In the initial meeting, I told the executive director Jeff that I would be willing to help in any way including licking envelopes and scrubbing toilettes. In […]

When Helping Hurt.

There have been so many joys and a lot of sorrow. Recently I have established a host home program for homeless youth through several partnerships in the Sacramento area. It has been a goal of mine since the conception of RiseAbove to offer this as a resource to the homeless youth in Sacramento, which is […]

Small Group Discussions That Don’t Suck: Part 2

This is part 2 of my thoughts on leading a small group discussion. 3. “Yes, and?”, “Why?” and Letting Things Get Awkward One semester in school I decided to take drama as an elective. Although I haven’t won an Academy Award, or played in any major or minor motion pictures, it was pretty useful. When […]

Small Group Discussions That Don’t Suck.

I was recently asked to give a short talk on how to lead a small group discussion. More specifically, how to keep the attention of the group and encourage engagement. Both of which are not always easy to do when the subject may be dry or the group members are shy and unwilling to talk. […]