Finally done! Both ‘Dad in a Day’ and ‘Discover Life Beyond Crisis’ are ready to hit the presses. In my book, ‘Discover Life Beyond Crisis”, my last chapter talks about how in many situations endings lead to new beginnings. After wrapping up both of my books I thought I would feel immense satisfaction in finishing. I thought there would be a moment that could be compared to inhaling a breath of air deeply and releasing that breath completely. I thought it would feel like a great release as my chest expanded and contracted, breaking free of any tightness or uneasy feelings. Don’t get me wrong, there is a feeling of satisfaction that has come in finishing the books, but now is when the real work starts. I wrote these two books because I believe in the message. I believe that there is hope for those who have grown up in terrible situations. I believe that there is hope for the people who have made less than ideal choices in their life. This ending that I have in finishing these books truly leads to another beginning. It is now time to get this message out.

    • ‘Dad in a Day: When My Mom’s Kids Became My Own’ (comes out May 10th) tells my family’s story of loss, struggle and how we overcame it. Our story is not rare, it is just rarely told. I believe it will give valuable insight in the lives of the people who share my family’s story to those who are desperately trying to understand the people hurting around them.
    • ‘Discover Life Beyond Crisis: A Guide for Overcomers’ (comes out May 30th) is a guide for those looking to overcome their crisis. It is a no-nonsense approach to addressing the key areas that keep your life strong in the face of even the greatest crisis. DLBC is a powerful resource for those who want to be more than a survivor, but to become an overcomer.

Both books combine two important aspects; the inspirational and the practical. On May 30th, I will be hosting an online book release party from 7pm – 7:30pm on the ‘Discover Life Beyond Crisis’ Facebook page. During the event, I will be answering questions about the book ‘Dad in a Day’, doing some interviews with people who have been vital in the process and kicking off the online sale of ‘Discover Life Beyond Crisis: A Guide For Overcomers” at a special price only available to those who log on. Follow the link to RSVP for the event, see you then
See You Soon!