I really love what I do. It’s interesting and challenging. Although, I often feel like I get too much credit for some of the outcomes in the lives of our students. It makes me just a little uncomfortable sometimes because most of what I do is talk in front of people. Sometimes one on one but mostly in group settings. Although I am passionate about the lesson, it’s not stellar or exceptional speaking. I am typically long winded and talk around in circles. With that said, I hope my words Carry weight in the minds of the students, but I don’t want to be the only voice they hear. It is not enough for only one person to care about these students, it takes many. Life cannot be taught from a singular source, if that were the case we would all have it figured out and we would all be well adjusted people. My lessons in life came from heartache and life’s joys and from people who have loved through the pain.

One of our students posted on her Facebook wall that was heartfelt on new year’s eve. It talked about how this year was the the difficult year in her life. After she lists tragedy after tragedy she also list those who got her through. She listed about a dozen names. My co-workers and I made the list, and I was proud. I was proud that I was able to make a difference but mostly I was relieved because I  saw that a student that I had grown to care about and have vested interest in has other people that give a crap. To help people, you don’t have to be THE person you just have to be willing to be ONE of the people who would make a difference in people’s lives. In my life and the lives of the people that I have encountered that have lived through and came out of trauma and crisis,  and now are on the other side and are thriving, they are where they are not because of any one person. They have overcome their trauma and crisis by having a mosaic of people who were willing to step in when opportunity intersected with having the ability to do something about it.

I’m glad to be part of the mosaic in people’s lives. I am also proud of that young girl who was able to recognize that this was a series of events that was out of her ability alone to overcome and she reached out. That decision is brave and wise. To reach out is not easy and can be scary. You have to put yourself out on the line and in danger of being rejected. So, if someone asks for help and guidance, don’t take it lightly. Give the request genuine thought and consideration because you could be part of someone’s success mosaic.

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