My Time On Armstrong and Getty!

Image may contain: 5 people, people smilingYesterday I had the amazing opportunity to join The Armstrong and Getty Show’s foster care panel. It continues to shock me some of the stories that come from youth ageing out of the foster care system. I believe foster care is an important human service that our state provides, but there are gaps. It is those gaps and many more that we cover in the show. Please take some time and listen. Listen if you are curious about foster care in general, or even if you want to become a foster parent, this will be touching and informative. Also, my book “Dad in a Day: When Mom’s Kids Became My Own’ and the workbook “Discover Life Beyond Crisis: A Guide For Overcomers” are set to release in May and June. You can pre-order “Dad in a Day” by going to  Thank you for your support.

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